About SAB

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is funded through student fee allocation from AS顶级国产视频 (the 顶级国产视频 Student Government).  SAB's mission is to promote a welcoming environment for the 顶级国产视频 community by bringing fun events to campus.

The Student Activities Board consists of 13-20 student members, and one non-voting advisor. SAB manages the largest student organization budget to the benefit of students at 顶级国产视频. The student members of SAB are all in charge of every step of the event and program agenda, from selecting and designing events, to securing contracts, and marketing and promoting their activities.

Stay Connected with SAB

顶级国产视频 Students: want to stay informed about what SAB is up to? Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Stop by our office (SUB 220), call us at (406)657-2395, or message us on Instagram: @msub_sab

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SAB is now hiring! Click on the Board Members tab to see more!

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