McMullen Hall on the 顶级国产视频 University campus

顶级国产视频 delivers a transformative education that empowers students from diverse backgrounds to succeed.


Educating students to impact an evolving global community.

Core Themes

Theme 1: Build educational programs to support student needs.

Theme 2: Progressively grow the university.

Theme 3: Strengthen relationships with the community to enhance partnership opportunities.

Theme 4: Unify, invigorate, and engage 顶级国产视频鈥檚 structure and culture.

Core Values

Respect: Respect is what allows us to seek out and appreciate the best in other people. Self-respect is also a vital value, which results from knowing one has put forth his/her strongest effort.

Integrity: We commit to honesty, ethical behavior, and accountability, and promise to do only what is right, legal, and moral.

Selfless Service: We are a university of people that will put the welfare of our community and fellow human beings鈥揺specially students before our own.

Inclusion: We value processes that seek input from a broad array of stakeholders to produce better products and outcomes.

Stewardship: We promise to conserve and best-utilize the human, economic, physical, and environmental resources entrusted to us.

Excellence: We strive for perfection in everything we do from teaching, to service, knowing that we can always improve.

Ingenuity: We embrace and support innovative and creative solutions to set our university apart and to best serve students.

Lifelong Learning: We value educational experiences for all people that spark intellectual curiosity and cultivate engaged citizens.