Our History

The Retort front page - black and white

Originally, The Retort was called "The Rimrock Echo" back when 顶级国产视频 was known as Eastern Montana State Normal School. In 1949 Eastern Montana State Normal School changed its name to Eastern Montana College of Education, Billings. "The Rimrock Echo" followed by changing its name to "EMCOE". In 1960 "EMCOE" became The Retort.

In recent years, The Retort had shifted its format from a physical newspaper to online publications.

In 2020 The Retort underwent a restructure establishing the Hive Podcast with the goal to increase its viewership and adapt to the demands of the age of technology.

The Retort front page in color

Today, The Retort aims to deliver news through the Hive Podcast and social media.

Though The Retort has undergone many changes, we take pride in the fact that the quality of our publications has always remained our #1 priority.

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